Over 15 years of experience

INCO INDUSTRY S.R.L., a trading company with registered office in Tirgu Neamt, Romania set up in 1999, has over ten years of experience in manufacturing wood products and is specialised in wood false door lining/frames and mansard roof windows. Our activity has constantly developed by means of investments in specific equipment and machinery, in refurbishing production areas as well as auxiliary facilities for services and storage.

Our production addresses mainly the Italian construction market but to the Spanish and Portuguese ones as well. Since 2011, we have entered the market in Poland, the Czech Republic, and, since 2016, Switzerland with thermo layered wood. At the end of 2011, we have been granted CE certification in compliance with European standards for the product la “mansard roof windows”.


Thermo layered wood

Manufactures and sells  in a variety of hard and soft wood (e.g., pine, ash, sycamore, fir-tree, spruce, etc.) and in various sizes, in quantities that can satisfy all kinds of demands.


Treated for a longer life

The heat treating process conveys the wood properties to withstand any climate such as the necessary resistance to weather conditions, which it does not intrinsically have.


Shelf units

Are made of resinous timber. They have four wooden shelves and they come in various sizes.They are assembled with screws. To assemble the shelves, you need a screwdriver (not included in the kit delivered).


Roof windows

The INCO roof windows are the appropriate solution for your roof as they bring light and fresh air where you could not have hoped before

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